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cityCURRENT and Brittany Hodak

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cityCURRENT is a Memphis organization that connects businesses with community to power the GOOD and foster purpose-driven relationships that lead to new opportunities for collaboration and growth through events, media, and philanthropy. Woodyard Realty became a partner with cityCURRENT this year to continue our mission of giving back and uplifting the Memphis community.

It was an exciting evening for Steve Woodyard to have dinner with Brittany Hodak, author of Creating Superfans, and speak with her personally prior to her appearance at the cityCURRENT Signature Breakfast this week.  

Brittany was raised on the border of Oklahoma and Arkansas, so she and Steve had a lot to talk about since Steve is also from Helena, Arkansas.

Jeremy Park, CEO of CityCurrent, was on hand, along with his wife and several others from the organization, who enjoyed a great meal at Napa Café. 

Steve Woodyard & Britttany Hodak
Steve Woodyard & Brittany Hodak

The next morning, Brittany spoke to several hundred people gathered at the Great Hall in Germantown for the cityCURRENT Signature Breakfast, giving an overview of her strategy for creating loyal fans for brands and companies, large and small.

We look forward to a productive partnership with cityCURRENT to keep powering the good in Memphis in 2024!

You can view Brittany’s talk HERE

L-R: Lea Heilig, Elisabeth Eickhoff, Brittany Hodak, Steve Woodyard

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