Construction Progress at Ford’s BlueOval City

Woodyard Realty Corp is excited about the construction progress with Ford Motor Company’s BlueOval City which means thousands of jobs are coming to the Memphis area. Ford’s new electric truck facility is well underway, and this video brings you up to date in one minute and 37 seconds. The Memphis area is hot with new […]

Small changes add up to bigger value!

Does your management staff fully understand how small changes in expenses, occupancy, and delinquency can dramatically impact the value of your property? Not only can it effect the value of your property, but it could affect the amount of loan you can get on the property.  Quick example: Let’s say your property brings in $2,534,260 […]

cityCURRENT and Brittany Hodak

cityCURRENT is a Memphis organization that connects businesses with community to power the GOOD and foster purpose-driven relationships that lead to new opportunities for collaboration and growth through events, media, and philanthropy. Woodyard Realty became a partner with cityCURRENT this year to continue our mission of giving back and uplifting the Memphis community. It was […]

Are you and your community prepared for winter weather?

Memphis has had some winter storms these past few years, and the effects can wreak havoc on our properties if we’re not prepared. Grace Hill has a great e-book with tips to get your community ready for winter weather, or whatever disaster may come your way. DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK HERE

Human Trafficking Truths

For Apartment Owners and Managers: The new year it is a great time to remind you that human trafficking is not just an international tragedy playing out with the rich and famous people involved in the Jeffrey Epstein case…in fact, you may have human trafficking going on in your neighborhood or apartment property. But how […]

Thank you for a great 2023!

We appreciate all our clients all year long, and like to take a moment to appreciate them a bit more during the holidays. We’re looking forward to serving you in 2024! CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR YEAR IN REVIEW

Multifamily Executives Express Optimism That Apartment Investment Will Perk Up

Looking ahead to 2024 – this article from Randyl Drummer at CoStar sounds a positive note for what’s to come for the multifamily real estate market in the new year! – Steve Woodyard By Randyl DrummerCoStar News December 5, 2023 | 6:16 P.M. Apartment investment should strengthen across the United States by the second half of […]

Woodyard Realty Announces Winners of Scholarship Contest

Inspired by Deuteronomy 15:11:  “For the poor will never cease to be in the land: therefore, I command you, saying, ‘You shall freely open your hand to your brother, to your needy, and to your poor in your land.’” Woodyard Realty Corp.’s higher purpose is to improve inner city housing for our area residents so […]